Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bukit Air Recreational Park

Day 1
Participant depart at Bukit Air Recreational Park. Took the chalet’s key from our guide leader. Rest for a while. Have lunch. After lunch, orientation session with others. Give some info about Bukit Air Recreational Park and flora and fauna’s habitats. Guide them around Bukit Air before rest/prayer Asar. At night, we have brain storming and a few games about our recreational park and motivation at public hall. A short briefing about next day activities and get a supper before our participant rest and sleep.

Day 2
Breakfast session. Warming up before jungle tracking. Activities start when all participant are ready to hiking. From bottom to top estimate time less two hours. Lunch time and rest for solat Zohor. After that, participants have to list a few of trees at Bukit Air with info at tree’s tag. Then, continue watersport activities such as swimming and fishing. After dinner, once again participants should be at public hall to present their activity today and give their lesson and what they have learn today. Short briefing about tomorrow’s activity. Back to chalet and sleep.

Day 3
Breakfast. All required to morning exercise at open stage Bukit Air. Jogging at Bukit Air area. For those who interested to terapy, they can walk at reflexiology track. Play a few games before lunch time. Rest and solat Zohor. All participants are required to clean up the chalet and Bukit Air area. Activity finish, back to home.

Bukit Air Recreational Park Entrance

Information Centre


Bukit Air Pool

The Green Bukit Air